Superior Seedless

Superior is the same variety as Sugraone and is a marketing name that is only used if certain high standards of quality are achieved. These standards include higher levels of sweetness, skin colour and cleanliness, berry size (75% more than 19mm) and uniformity, and texture.

Superior is a seedless green grape with medium size oval berries. The colour is a creamy greenish-yellow. The skin is thin and there is very little resistance to the bite, though it can sometimes be slightly chewy, but not bitter. The flesh is crisp, very sweet (min. 15.5% Brix) with low acids (sugar: acid ratio of 20 to 1) and a slight Muscat flavour.

Sugraone is an early-season variety and one of the dominant seedless green grapes around the world. As Sugraone, it has been the mainstay of the industry for many years, though change is coming in the form of new, improved varieties.