IQG FOODS is an Egyptian company with a presence in France. IQG is specialized in supplying Egyptian food products like tomato paste whether cold, hot, or super hot break with Brix 28-30% & 36-38% and also Tomato Passata (Puree) & Crushed Tomato – Pizza Sauce.
We can also produce canned tomato paste in a metal tin or glass jar starting from 70 grams to 4.4 kg

To offer its clients a sustainable quality and ensure availability of tomatos all year long, IQG FOODS adpoted a new appraoch and started to invest in growing tomatoes in its farms.
By doing so, IQG has a full control on the supply chain from the seeds selction to the production of the final product.

Tomato Paste Hot Break

Tomato Paste 16
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Tomato Paste Cold Break

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Canned Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste 13
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