Tomatoes are ranging in color from vivid cherry-red to bright yellow, in flavor from sweet and juicy to tangy, and in size from tiny cherry varieties to plump beefsteak tomatoes, they are a versatile and popular ingredient. All types are now often sold on the vine as well. When buying, choose firm tomatoes with bright unflawed skin, they should have a subtly sweet aroma.

Types of Tomato

Beef Tomatoes
The largest of the tomato varieties, these have a sweet dense red flesh. Ideal for stuffing, slicing, or cooking with.

Vine Ripened Tomatoes
These are packed with flavor and mature further and keep better on the vine. With a distinctive tomato aroma, they are delicious in salads, or try them roasted on the vine.

Cherry Tomatoes
These are much smaller than other tomato varieties and have a very intense sweet flavor. Delicious as a lunchbox snack, in salads or roasted.

Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine
The small cherry tomato with a more intense flavor and aroma. Try roasting them on the vine or on the barbecue.

Sungold Tomatoes
A much more delicate flavor than the traditional cherry, very juicy, and a lovely orange color which looks great in salads or as a garnish.

Baby Plum Tomatoes
The most intensely sweet flavor and juicy flesh, with an elongated shape and deep color. Ideal for salads or cooking they also make a great snack.

Midi Plum Tomatoes
Smallish plum tomatoes have a sweet-sour flavor, they have a distinctive oval shape, and have a very high flesh/seed ratio which makes them great for most cooking methods, from casseroles to barbecues.

Plum tomatoes
These egg-shaped tomatoes have a meaty flesh and concentrated flavor, which makes them especially well-suited for cooking. They are available in various sizes including a baby. Plum tomatoes are the most popular variety for canning.