Organic Tomato Paste

Now IQG FOODS starts a new era. We started to plant organic tomatoes on our farms to use in tomato paste products as we believe that organic produce is healthier, tastier, and more nutritious than standard produce. Our Organic Tomato Paste is now available in retail outlets across Egypt and we are planning to launch our products in new countries in the near future.

IQG Foods started planting organic tomatoes on its farms in 2022 to meet the growing consumer demand for organic produce. This initiative is part of our wider efforts to make our products available to a wider range of customers at affordable prices without compromising on quality or freshness.

Our initial plan to reach 100 acres of fresh tomato to produce around 80,000 tons of fresh tomato per year. in this case we can ensure the availability of high quality fresh tomato all over the year . this quantity will give us the power to produce 1,500 tons of organic tomato paste monthly

IQG Foods is consider the unique company in Egypt that control the agriculture process from the beginning

Colorful, from raw to ripe scale of tomatoes view from a greenhouse.