CAIRO – 24 July 2017: It’s a hot summer season and nothing beats the summer like a plate full of delicious fruits.
Here is a collection of the fruits you will likely find wherever you go.


Grown all over Egypt, this fruit will quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Best found on the Mediterranean shore, Sinai, and Upper Egypt.



Who needs an elaboration for this fruit from heaven, unless you never tried the Egyptian version. With its strong aroma and sweet taste this fruit is present in Egypt in various tastes; usually grown near the North of the Red Sea and Canal.

Mango 1
Watermelon 1


Found in shakes, plates and almost every city of Egypt has this summer fruit. You know the weather is turning hot when Water Melon shows up in the market.

Melon 1


Accompanied by the Water Melon, They make a great duet plate together.
Make sure you get the most out of them before they leave.


Although it might have already arrived in your country, nothing beats the local price of the quality grapes of Egypt. Between deep red grapes and golden ones, you will never have enough.


Prickly Pears

Its the recipe for sunburns, exhaust yourself at a high paced day right under the sun, and then meet this beauty. Wherever you go you can find prickly pears prepared right in front of your eyes. It is a plant of desert originally present to give those wondering there the nutrition and minerals needed, just imagine this.

Prickly Pears 1